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A common practice for RV owners is to insure their RV under their current auto policy instead of purchasing a separate motorhome insurance policy. But too often the owner does not take the time to read what and how much is covered under their auto policy. In many instances, RV’s covered under auto policies are not adequately covered. RV owners often hesitate to buy RV insurance for their personal property because they think that the personal property in their RV will be covered under their homeowners policy. This is true, but again, coverage on personal property is limited when the property is kept somewhere other than the “residence premises.” Often the limit in a standard policy is very low and the usual policy deduction would apply. To insure proper and adequate coverage, a RV owner should add a separate RV insurance coverage to their current auto policy. If the RV owner’s insurance carrier does not have this type of RV insurance coverage available, there are insurance companies that specialize in RV insurance coverage. Usually the cost is minimal, especially compared to the alternative of finding out the RV and it’s possessions are not covered after a disaster happens.

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